Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Slow progress, but roofing continued.

Given the probability of storms occurring later this week, I have started work on the roof.  I am fairly sure that in my gimpy state I can't complete it by Thursday, but I would at least like it to be ready for roofing and watertight so I don't have to go through this all again.

I started by destroying all of Matt's hard work.  Most of the tar paper came right off.  The backside it just peeled off startlingly easily.

It put up a little more fight on the slab side.  I will need to climb on the roof to get that off.

While I was ripping it off, I found another sheet that needs at least partial replacement; it was delaminating.  

I already have a 18" piece cut, so I will just replace the bottom part, the delamination was only about a foot into the board.  I got it all marked and ready to cut.

On my way out today, I saw the turkeys that frequently nest in the woods by the creek on my property.

I also took a fall picture on my way home.

Tomorrow will be interesting.  I have a lot to do (cut the plywood, rip everything out, put in the new plywood, and put the house wrap up) and not a lot of time to do it.  It shouldn't take long to put the house wrap on the roof once the plywood is replaced.  Depending on when I get out of work (I have a meeting that runs until 5PM tomorrow which most likely means a late day) I might skip replacing the plywood and just get the house wrap on it to seal it and then replace the plywood before I do the roof itself.

I also tried climbing on the roof today.  It is ok as long as I stay on a rafter that is in between sheet edges.  If I step more than an inch or two off of that, it felt like I would go through (several inches of bowing).  Even on the rafters at the edges of the sheet if I distributed my weight non-centered on the rafter, it started to tear the nails through the plywood.  This means that if I do the roofing myself, I would need to toss a sheet of meatier plywood up there to work on.  It was also rather painful (I sprained the MCL in my right knee).  Maybe I can entice some help with pizza?

No movement on the checklist.

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