Sunday, May 21, 2017

Dumpster is full, mowing done

Did the last of the cleaup today.  The dumpster is full.

Found some interesting stuff.  A couple things worth keeping.

I also found a bunch of shit.  Literally.  A 5 gallon bucket half full of it.  I will have to figure out what I am going to do with it.  Probably dig a hole somewhere and bury it.

Some of the stuff is gone.  The rest I will likely have the contractor deal with who comes in to do the septic.

Tim came up and helped today for a bit.  He also brought up the sawhorses he dropped a tree on last year.  He rebuilt it, and it works again.

I also finished getting the mower discharge chute on today.  A lot easier when you take the plate off the deck to mount it to.  For a while I didn't think it was going to come off.  But after a few doses of WD-40, the bolts loosened up a bit.

I also got the yard mowed, since it is supposed to rain all week.  Even the back yard.  It was still very wet, but it is done.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Slab cleared off.

The slab part of the cleanup is done.  It is a good thing I got a 15 yard (a 10 wasn't available) since I filled more of it than I expected.  A good portion of the leaves had blown off before I took this picture, so hopefully the rest of them will vacate the premises before tomorrow.

I even picked up the back yard which had styrofoam blown into it again.  It really needs mowing, which I plan to do tomorrow, though this section isn't really mowable with either the push mower (which I still haven't fixed) or the tractor.

The dumpster is perhaps a touch over half full.

The only garbage remaining up on the slab is one of the old mattresses.  I left it on its side to drain.  It was so badly waterlogged I almost couldn't lift it this morning.  And despite being in the sun with a breeze all day, it was still draining enough water to leave a puddle.

I will probably finish filling it tomorrow when I go to cleanup the old foundation.  I also got the discharge chute for the mower.  I started to install it, but it came with no instructions, and while I figured out how everything needed to go so that the spring was loaded correctly and so on, it was being a real pain so I figured I would look up some directions online.  It turns out you are supposed to remove the bolted clip on the deck to install it, which would make it a whole lot easier.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Trailer refurbishing is complete.

We'll have to call today a draw with the bugs.  I was winning most of the evening, but around dusk when they start to get really bad, the black flies finally realized that they are in fact small enough to crawl through the mosquito netting.  By then I was pretty much done though.

The trailer is now completed.  I got the remaining underside (man I really need a creeper) and the remaining cross pieces complete.

In between waiting for the coats of paint to dry, I started to haul junk into the dumpster.

The paperwork for the zoning board is now complete and the application is submitted.  It took three tries, but it is done finally.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Evened up with the bugs

For those keeping score (ahem, Heather) today I was prepared for the infestation.  I only got a few hours of work in since I was stuck at work until 630, but only ended up with one or two bug bites

My setup.  A mosquito mask and pure deet.

I got the sides and top wire brushed and painted on the trailer.  It was really hot, so the paint dried quick.

All that is left is the front-most crossmembers and the underside on the front.

I tried again to get the application in for the zoning board.  Last time my info was out of date and I was missing copies of the building permit (which they had on file...).  This time they said there were a couple of people missing, myself and the DEC.  So I will add them to notification list and submit the application again tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Dumpster arrived, but bugs won the day.

They delivered the dumpster yesterday, so I will be starting to clean up the cruft that is up there, and hopefully get my slab back.  

My signage: 

Finally a use for one of the old mattresses.

The dumpster is a 15 yard rolloff.  Should be plenty big enough.

I tried to start the rest of the frame refurbishing, but the bugs defeated me.  I had two bites, three that flew into my eyes, and one into my ear before I even managed to get the wire brush into the drill.  I decided that was enough, and I will remember to bring bug spray and my mosquito nets and whatnot if I can find them for tomorrow. 

I went up today to bring up the zoning board application paperwork, and found out that the state kiosk where you can look up property cards is out of date, so I have some corrections to make to the list of abutters.  The property directly across the street from me was just sold to a dude in Shanghai.  I will be bringing up the corrected documentation tomorrow.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Rearranging done

I woke up early and got some of the rearranging done up on the slab.

This is the final location of the trailer.  It wasn't easy to get it into place, the trailer turns too slowly, I ended up driving in the yard to get it in place, but it is there now.  I can park up on the slab now too which is nice.

When the truck tires bumped up against the slab, I might have gassed it a bit too hard.  That used to be the septic drain from the slab.  Thankfully it isn't the one I am going to use, it is the one that goes to the back yard.

I took the cover off the bed, so that I can pick up a fridge when I see one.  I think I figured out why it leaks and didn't work right though, the railing that attaches to the bed rail wasn't properly connected to the cover.

I am not sure what he was marking, I think these are from the septic guy.

Ace finally restocked the metal, so I cleaned them out again.  I am still one short, though Tractor Supply carries them as well.  I got the ones I have painted today.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Tractor up and mowing.

I finally got the rest of the maintenance done on the tractor today and got the yard mowed for the first time this season.  I need to find a solution to the black fly problem.  They were following me literally as a cloud.  Needless to say, the mosquito dunks were a failure.

The air filter was really bad.  It is supposed to be white, not black.

Though it looks the same as the old one, it is a new battery.  I have a disconnect on the way.

I also pulled out my driveway markers today.

The yard is all mowed.

While it still spins the blades a little bit, the belt definitely stretched during the mowing today.  Another round or two and the belt will be fine.

I also called and have a dumpster on the way this coming week.  It is a 15 yard rolloff which is probably larger than I need to get everything cleaned up, but is the smallest one that they had.

I just have a few finishing touches to put on the paperwork for the zoning board, and will get that rolling shortly.