Saturday, August 12, 2017

Surprisingly nice day.

Today was actually pretty close to a perfect day for building.  Unfortunately since it was supposed to be crappy and stormy all day, I stayed up late last night and got a late start.  But it ended up being low 70s and sunny by early afternoon, so I got a bit done.

The first thing I did was install the ceiling supports.  They are only fastened on one side since I haven't squared everything up yet.

On a side note, if you want to mess with your eyes, work in a tarp enclosed area for an hour or two.  When I stepped back outside, everything was red from my brain overcompensating on the white balance.  Despite being a cool day, it was warm in there.

I also got all the frames build for the window.  The headers are all assembled, as well as the rough frames.

It still boggles my mind that this window is not big enough to be considered an egress window.

The property I looked at in Stoddard is pending sale, so that is off the table.  There is another one nearby that is roughly the same price, but is a lot smaller (only 1.1 acres).  If it comes to it, I might go visit it, but as I mentioned before, that is last resort.

On the paper work front, I got a call from the highway department, the driveway committee is scheduled to come out on Monday at 6.  I am leaving everything tarped since the planning board will likely be there as well, and the less they see the better.

I am glad they are coming on Monday, since I am rapidly running out of things to do without it being squared up.  I laid out all the "next steps" so that I always have something to work on.  Here is that list (items marked with a * have a dependency on another item and can't currently be worked on):

  1. Square up the corners
  2. *Attach ceiling beams
  3. *Secure rafters and beams with hurricane ties
  4. Attach the subflooring to the trailer frame.
  5. *Sheathe the roof
  6. *Install tar paper to make the roof watertight.
  7. Install window framing.
  8. *Tyvek wrap.
  9. *Install roof.
  10. *Install siding.  This includes all flashing.
  11. *Install attic vent and AAV (AAV = air access valve for the plumbing).
  12. Run the rough plumbing. (includes gas line for stove)
  13. Run the rough electric.
  14. *Install rodent barrier.
  15. *Install insulation.
  16. *Install flooring.
  17. *Install ceiling and attic insulation.
  18. *Install light fixtures.
  19. *Install paneling
  20. *Complete electrical and plumbing.
  21. *Install final flooring (carpet/linoleum).
  22. Install interior fixtures.  When I get here, I will likely create a new list for the interior work.
There are still a couple of things I can work on for the framing before I have to square everything up, but that list shrinks by the day.  I am a little concerned looking at it since it is already mid-August, and it doesn't include anything on the interior, no appliances, no counters, no bathroom, etc.  The good news is that since the space is so small, the interior shouldn't be too painful, and only a part of it is required to move in.  But I also still have to move.  Time is definitely running out.


  1. In case of fire, I KNOW I could get out of a window that big!

    1. Even without my glasses, I think I could manage it too.