Sunday, December 10, 2017

Plowing went much faster today, until I got stuck.

I went up and finished the plowing today.  I tried fourth gear today and it went much better.  The extra speed helped it curl and roll.  Not sure I have enough power to run in 4th with a heavier load, but I was only plowing around 3 or so inches today.

The driveway only took a couple hours.  The plow took a beating, but it held up.

As I normally do, I cleared up to the power pole.

At no point did I not have enough power, not even pushing the banks into the ditches.  I did go too far a couple of times and the front end started to sink, but didn't get stuck, at least not down here.

I tried to clear the parking spot, but it was too rough.  I will have to finish it with the snowblower.

It is a good thing I don't have a sharp edge on the blade.  I got a little too close to the edge and found the extension cord.

I kinda expected it wouldn't do it, but I tried anyways, and no the tractor won't go up to the shed.

When I was going down to the creek, I got stuck.  This might have something to do with why.

I think those chains came off because they were put on with the wimpier zip ties from work.  I will put them back on with the beefy ones.  All in all, the plowing today was quite a bit faster, I got everything done including getting unstuck in a couple of hours.  Even with Tim's big snowblower I couldn't match that, so it is quicker.  I definitely think I will switch to a 4-wheeler next year though, the traction is that much better with a 4x4, and a few times today I was spinning a lot. 


  1. well a 4 wheeler will be another big investment for ya!

    1. Indeed. It will work much much better, plus its a nice toy with utility to have around.